Friday, March 11, 2011

No Faces Please!!

Growing up my Granny always received or purchase faceless figurines. She was always so excited about these figurines. She keeps the figurines in an extravagant Cairo Cabinet in her plush living area that only the most important is allowed to go or sit in. The figurines always exhibited lots of action but no faces. I never understood why my Granny appreciated such art work, until I was older. The figurines kinda tell a little story.
Annie Frances Lee internationally know as Annie Lee is the artist. She is an artist that uses different types of media to express her art. 

My question I always posed to my granny was " Why no faces?"

All characters in Annie's paintings have one common trait; faces which has no features. Why does Annie paint in this manner? Here are Annie's reasons:
  • Annie Lee prefers to bring her paintings to life through the movement and body language of the characters. Annie does not want faces to interfere with the story she is painting through the body language of her characters.
  • By painting without faces, Annie allows her customers to project themselves or people that they know into the painting. Although Blue Monday is Annie's only self portrait, Annie didn't paint her face on the painting because she knows everybody can relate to having a Blue Monday, and wants her customers to be able to picture themselves in the painting.
  • When Annie started painting commercially she wanted to be unique and different from other artists. Painting without faces has certainly become one of Annie's distinct trademarks

Blue Monday

Two Scoops & Refund
Maxed Out

All That Glitters Isn't Gold

Second Set